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At SkinGroup we offer plastic surgery services for our patients.

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At SkinGroup, we offer plastic surgery services. We have at your disposal plastic surgeons of great renown, extensive experience and with outstanding careers that will guide you and help you choose your aesthetic alternatives. With our help, you can decide to refine different contours of your body to achieve the results you want. We are dedicated to treating our patients with a professional attitude and care, knowing that they have placed their trust in us. Among the cosmetic procedures performed by our surgeons you’ll find:

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Skin Group - Dermoplastik - Dermatólogos en Monterrey
Address: Río Tamazunchale #417 San Pedro Garza García, N.L. 66220

Skin Group - Dermoplastik - Dermatólogos en Reynosa
Address: Tiburcio Garza Zamora Kilómetro 5.5 Christus Muguerza Hospital Reynosa, Consultorio 119, Rancho Grande Reynosa, Tamps. 88610

Skin Group - Dermoplastik - Pueblo Serena
Address: Pueblo Serena Centro Comercial Carretera Nacional 500, Colonia Valle Alto. Monterrey Nuevo León.

Phone numbers:
01 81 8335 7495
01 81 8356 1900
01 81 8143 0261
811 911 9354


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